Monday, September 25, 2006

{Scrapbrats Blog Ring Challenge #3}

Scrapbrats Blog Ring #3

This week's question is:

"I feel most at peace when ..."

This topic wasn't hard for me at all. Last week's topic is still in draft form and I will, eventually, embrace it. For now, I'll move on with hopes to un-clutter my brain and WRITE it all out!

I feel most at peace when I am writing. When I am writing, I am at ease, I am totally focused on what I am doing and it seems that my body is harmoniously centered. When I am writing, it's as if I am somewhere else, completely engulfed in confidence, relaxation and balance. I allow my thoughts to flow at whatever rate they wish and my hands always seem to be able to keep up the pace.
If I have a particularly stressful day, I turn, immediately, to my blog or journal to start writing. The moment I start is the moment that my stress, aggravation and dischord start to drain away. Writing is my escape and also my therapy. It allows me to voice my aggrivations and stresses without doing so towards any one person. I can vent here at anytime, know that someone 'hears' me and be done with it. It's said, my way, in my temperment at that time and it's out. Writing is an AWESOME tension reliever for me and something I do, every night before bed. I have never, ever had problems sleeping and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I do 'check my stresses and tensions at the door' , so to speak before going to bed. It never follows me around because I let it out here or in my journal and once it's out, it's been dealt with and said and there's nothing further I can do. I simply let it go.
I feel most at peace when I am writing.


Anonymous said...

Kewl. I'm so glad that you took this somewhere besides the obvious! I can totally feel where you are coming from. I love to write and sometimes just lose myself as well.

Petra said...

I myself cannot imagine my life if I did not had to learn to read or write. As reading has been for years the flight out of reality; writing has always been my way to stay in touch with it.
I can relate to what you are saying, Gabi. It is a good way to kind of keep everything in order in your head and not let it go wild.
I still do write people 'real' letters occasionally. Do you? That is what the Diddle pads are for. If you or the girls collect them I can send you some papers...

Samhains said...

You a cool person GFG, Not because your a scrapper. :)
because scrapping is stupid.......

LOL J/K Just getting some shits and giggles in.. :)scrapping isnt stupid just kidding hehehehe! I really was j/k

No its because your a thinker, and a doer, Thats cool in its self. Brainstorming, loosing youself in your work, or in a cup or tea :) its all good.

Samhains said...

Hey you sell that houswe yet? did that spell work?

Loreluca said...

Good for us, your faithful readers!!! By the way, what is this thing, you don't post for like WEEKS and then all of a sudden, you post like every day???? Can't keep up with you!!!!

Tracie said...

Hey Gabz! You know I LOOOOVE to write to although I can't say that it's my time when I feel most at peace! I still have my in draft form as well! LOL - what is with us tempermental writers anyway????

Great blog sistah!