Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Mabon, Autumn Equinox, 1st Day of Fall!

Autumn has finally arrived! I am so excited because this is my very favourite time of the year. I LOVE the weather, the holidays and the landscape.
The 2006 autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere occurs Friday, September 22, at 9:04pm PDT; 00:04 UT 9/23, when the Sun enters Libra.
Equinox, which means "equal night" refers to a time when the length of day and night are equal. As the Sun crosses the celestial equator, the axis of the Earth points neither toward nor away from the Sun resulting in in 12 hours of darkness and light over the planet.

"Mabon (pronounced "MAY-bon") marks the Second Harvest of the Celtic/Pagan year.
It is very much like Thanksgiving. Most of the crops have been reaped and abundance is more noticeable than ever! Mabon is the time when we reap the fruits of our labor and lessons, both crops and experiences. It is a time of joy, to celebrate that which is passing (for why should we mourn the beauty of the year or dwindling sunlight?), looking joyously at the experience the year has shared with us. And it is a time to gaze into the bright future. We are reminded once again of the cyclic universe; endings are merely new beginnings.

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Since it is the time of dying sun, effort is also made to celebrate the dead with joyous remembrance. It is considered taboo to pass a burial site and not honor the dead. Natural energies are aligned towards protection, wealth, prosperity, security, and boosting self-confidence. Any spells or rituals centered around balance and harmony are appropriate.

To honor the dead, it is traditional to place apples on burial cairns as symbolism of rebirth and gratitude. Furthermore, it is a time to honor the elders, who have devoted so much time and energy to your growth and development. Something special is in order for these gracious people."
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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

ooooh, interesting. THanks for sharing.

Samhains said...

Oh yes I was so rapped up in giving an introduction to the wheel of truth I forgot to post about that as well... So how was the trip? where are the Photos??!!

The Second harvest festival, the Fall Equinox. Once again daylight and night are in balance. Now is the time to celebrate the gifts of the Earth Mother.

Lady Swan said...

Ah Fall, my favorite time of year. After a summer of blistering heat what could be better than the cool crisp days of autumn? For me it's time for evening walks, opening the windows to air out the house, and BAKING! If I still lived up north I'd be going apple picking now! It's just about time for me to start baking my famous Oatmeal Apple Crisps! WOO HOO!! Happy Mabon!!

Loreluca said...

MAN, that sounds way complicated!!! I just love autumn for the crisp air, the smell of burning leaves, the change in the foliage and because it's closer to Christmas!