Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Can't shake it

If you know me, you know I'm all exuberance and sunshine. I am happy-go-lucky, outgoing and optimistic. The death of Steve Irwin is really bothering me. It feels personal. I know, that's really WEIRD since I've never met the man. I really admired him, felt a bond with him for his views of animal conservation and preservation.
Every time I load an internet page or turn on the tv or radio they are talking about it. I keep getting annoyed because it seems that people are so quick with an attitude that he deserved it. NO ONE deserves death like that.
I am annoyed at the media for being so crass and asking STUPID ASS QUESTIONS every 2 seconds. They have NO respect for Steve's grieving family and friends and are in the faces of his colleagues, producer and employees asking such STUPID QUESTIONS. "How do you feel about Steve's death?" One reporter asked. I couldn't believe it. WTF? How do YOU THINK he feels, ASSHOLE! His best friend just DIED! Yeah he feels great, never felt better. DUH MORON. WTF?!
This happened to me after the death of John Denver. I had known him since I was a kid and when he died, I was interviewed by a local source who asked me that very same question. I couldn't believe it. I just sorta looked at her and didn't answer. That STUPID question didn't even merit an answer. I would love to be a journalist. I have been around them long enough to know WHAT NOT to do. These people are out for a buck. They are taking advantage of someone else's heartbreak, someone else's hardship and grief all to try and make a buck. I don't have the insensitive brass balls to be IN someone's face and business who is suffering! I am a sensitive person and feed off of other's emotions. If I had to interview someone who was GRIEVING, I would be a complete wreck. My empathy would kick in and I'd be a weeping mass of flesh in a puddle on the floor.
I don't mean to be dissing journalists. We do NEED journalists but some of them have to learn a little compassion and tact. Asking someone how they FEEL after they lost a family member or friend is just TACTLESS and RUDE. YOU KNOW the answer to that question so why do you feel that you need to ASK IT IN PUBLIC?!
So here I sit, still in shock and disbelief, unable to shake my saddness about the loss of Steve Irwin.


DEW said...

Who the hell thinks he deserves that? He wasn't reckless - it was one of those really freak things that just happen - bad things unfortunately happen to good people. And your commment is one of my real pet peeves - the stupid questions that journalists ask. I grew up in tornado country. The movie "Twister" did capture the fact that it can hit one house and leave the next one directly next to it untouched. They would ask people "how do you feel about the tornado hitting your house and killing your family and pets". What?!?!? Do they expect the person to say "well, you know I'm feeling a bit down but the life insurance will help pay off the morgage and I wanted a new dog anyway"... I really know what you mean!!

If it helps at all - I drove my husband's car today and he listens to a rather idiot radio station and they were discussing Steve Irwin when I turned the radio on and I thought - oh boy, here it comes as I moved to hit the "scan" button. But it was really respectful with nothing bad to say. In fact, very insightful with heartful plaititudes. From a commentator who is normally a real asshole! I was pleasantly surprised!!

Cheer up Gabi! There are lots of good people out there and some of them are probably journalists :-). Don't watch the news for awhile. You'll feel better! XOX

Brenda said...


I understand how you feel about the loss of Steve and the disrespect that some assholes are showing. I felt the same way about Princess Di. First of all, I was so depressed over the death of Di that all I did was go around and cry. You would have thought that my best friend had died. And than at the same time I was so angry about all the assholes that kept trying to make her name smutt and that she was this and that. What difference does it make? She is gone and all they are doing is hurting the family. I don't understand where people get off on other people's grief. It is pretty damn low if you ask me.

I am sorry that this has happened and that people have to show their asses and be disrepectful. My prayers go out to his family and to you too Gabi.


Samhains said...

I can think of a few people that DO deserve death, a slow and very painful one..but Steve was not one of them. I loved that guy too..when the show first came on the air we could not wait to see the crazy croc hunter do his stuff again and again,,, He was great and always full of smiles.
People in the media are also wanting to 'get on with it' so to speak, they do not want to 'waste' tape, they just want what sounds good at the time and what can get the most viewers and the best responce...that sad part is that there are half brainers out there that believe everything and agree with everything they see on T.V. I have personally watched people 'turn' on their own opinions simply by switching chanels.
My Father goes to Australia a far bit, and has visited the crocadile farm and the animal reserve of the ewins.


There was a couple of times that on lookers did think he was getting too close, one time in the artic he got too close to a whale and another time he was too close to penguins.
He was also publicy scorned for holding his baby boy too close to a crocadile, while in the pen with it. The child was very young and it scared alot of poeople...

However Steven Ewin is for me, in the same boat as David Susuki..I love that guy too!

One day they will change from saying 'what an idiot" to "look how great his life was" When they do the "Special" on him...that we all know is comming.

Samhains said...

I have alittle knowledge of media...as I was 'Kicked' off the Elephant show (sharron,loius, and bram) Because I kept acting out, and "Wasting tape"///

Cheryl Wray said...

I totally agree with you completely!!!
I actually have a degree in journalism and I am appalled at how reporters treat most mourning people or victims of some kind. Just ridiculous!!
Of course he didn't deserve it. He was just in a dangerous profession, and things like that happen sometimes!!
Most "normal" people seem really saddenned by his death!
Hope your day gets better!

Loreluca said...

I kwym, I HATE those kinds of questions. I always say that, when they're interviewing people who have just lost a loved one: "How to you feel?" UNBELIEVABLE!! Thnakfully, I haven't seen many of those on Steve's case, but then again, I haven't been watching tv for the last couple of days. It is a bummer with us, too. Every night Brian would tell Coco a story, but he always impersonated the Crocodile Hunter. So, every night Coco and daddy would go on "adventures" with the stories daddy would make up. We couldn't even tell her what happened... maybe when she's a little older.

Val Webb said...

Everything you've said is true! There ARE crass and insensitive journalists out there, but there are also good people in the trade. Journalists often work for dismally low salaries, so you end up with two types of reporters: those who work because they truly want to make a difference in the world, and those who work for the "glamour" aspect of the job. The former category are some of the greatest people you'll ever meet; the latter are some of the worst.

Samhains said...

responce to an other:

Well sort of,, I never made it to air. I went for the interview, and they said yep hes the kind of kid we want...then a week later my dad droped me off to do the show, was being filmed at Christys Conservation area or something like it.... so half way through the second sene I started to act out, they warned me to stop twice, and had to stop rolling twice because of me...they explained that we where making a move, but I guess I was too young or didnt care because I kept acting out, so they pulled me from the sene and never had me back :(LOL Bram was all pissy with me too :) I think it was like 82 or 3...

Samhains said...

PS: I went and got that book today :)

There is alot in it that is common, I was hopong for new things ...oh well it is a good referance, and there are afew banishing spells, one inparticular about salting the persons path and them sweeping it out onto the road..anyways There really are like 5000 spells in it

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm so sorry Gabi. I feel so bad for his family. He and his wife seemed to be so perfect for each other. I can't imagine her pain.
Maybe you can turn this around and honor his memory but donating time, food or $$$ to a local animal shelter. Small I know, but it may make you feel better. I am sure he would love his memory to do good for animals in need.
Feel better soon. :)

Val Webb said...

Gabi, you inspired me to draw a cartoon honoring Steve Irwin. Here is the link.


Val Webb said...

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, please do link to the cartoon. That would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Gabi, It's great that you feel so passionately about things. I love that you say what you feel and that you are so moved by things that it causes you to want to respond. You, yourself are a journalist so not all journalist are bad!

Samhains said...

You know I admire a person that respects animals. You are obvoiusly a lover of the earth and all her wonders :)

I fuck'n love animals...oh wait.. mabe that was too pasionate..lol hehehe

Anyways hope your happyer sooner rather than later :)

>>God damb that satalite guy!....<<

Tracie said...

Gabi I agree with many things your friends have said. It so wonderful that you are who you are and say what it is you feel. I respect people like that, you don't hide behind ANYTHING!

I also feel your loss, it's all of our loss if you care anything about human nature and passions. Many of us have that, empathy. It IS a GREAT loss and that is what it is, the news media is always looking for a hidden agenda instead of what it simply is. I don't read into that bullshit myself, I hardly watch the news since I don't support that way of thinking.

And WOW...what a GREAT drawing Val did in your and Steve's honor. WTG Val and I'm impressed!

Thanks Gabi for always keeping it REAL.


Anonymous said...

Gabi,Thanks for putting a voice to my thoughts....it's true the media has gotten out of control,and the stupid moronic questions never stop.It also made me mad when they said Steve,maybe,provoked the sting ray.Any one that watched Steve would know he NEVER would provoke or tease an animal,he was such a kind and gentle person .
I do not understand how people can be so crass,my son died in 1999 and a few weeks later I passed an
aquaintance in town and she ask,"are you over Terry's death yet?" I was so mad.I said," well it's not like the flu,it's not something you get over"
Thanks for your rememberance of Steve and John. Sandy