Friday, September 15, 2006

On our way to Gettysburg, PA

We're on the way to Gettysburg, PA! I have my trusty laptop and will be able to (hopefully!!) update as we go along.
1st stop is here at my inlaws! My hubby had to work today so we opted to hang out here and leave from here in the AM to save about 4 hours of time. I am picking him up tomorrow morning from his work and we'll be off on our 3+ hours adventure. Three hours is nothing for us, we LOVE driving and exploring!!!!
I'll check in again tomorrow with some photos.
Have a great weekend!


Lady Swan said...

"MOM..are we there yet?"..."I want French Fries"..."Is this the fun part?"..."I have to go POTTY RIGHT NOW!". Have FUN! MUHAHAHA!

Loreluca said...

Is this THE MOVE???? I've been waiting for this just as anxiously as you, man!!!
Have fun, enjoy the ride!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Drive Safely! Is this where you're moving?

Vee said...

drive safely and have fun!