Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Praying Mantis

My 4 year old is a self proclaimed 'bug-ologist'
She lets everyone know that she's going to take care of bugs at the zoo when she grows up. She doesn't play favourites either, if it's a bug, insect, arachnid or any type of creepy-crawly, she loves it.
You wouldn't think of her as a bug lover if you looked at her. She looks like a girly-girl with long hair with curls, and she's ALWAYS in a dress, by her own request!
We ran across this Praying Mantis a few days ago on our travels. My 4 year old noticed her here on this newspaper vending box. Of course, striking GREEN on RED will be an attention getter (what WAS the mantis thinking?! They change color from brown to BRIGHT green) After she caught her eye, she immediately wanted to investigate!
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Of course, upon immediate sight, Mackie wanted to HOLD the Mantis. Due to her very gentle manner, I allowed her to put her hand out to see if the Mantis wanted anything to do with that. She wasn't having ANYTHING to do with Mackie's hand....
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So we figured to find a leaf or something, but there wasn't anything close by. I decided to try my keychain since it was green and, lo and behold! The praying Mantis was interested and decided to check it out.
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And up Mackie's arm she began to creep... Mackie was totally focused on it and LOVING every minute of it.
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Daddy had to step in and 'help' the praying mantis back down Mackie's arm.
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My 2 year old wanted to be part of the scene too. And with her inquisitve manner, moved herself right alongside of her sister to see what all the ruckus was about!
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Ellie was as delighted as Mackie was. She wanted to hold the mantis too but when she felt the 'sticky' feet, she didn't like it so decided to let her sister do all the holding!
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Mackie was very interested in finding the Praying Mantis a safe place so we looked around and found a barrel garden. (we were in downtown Gettysburg). Mackie commented that she thought that the praying mantis would be happier on the green leaves where she can hide.
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We went back the next day and she was STILL there within the green leaves in the barrel garden. Mackie went to hold her again but she disappeared deep into the foliage. What a nice thing for Mackie to experience. She saved the mantis from the sidewalk and found it a lush, green home! I am so glad that my girls are so enfatuated with nature. They are both so gentle and calm with animals and bugs. It makes me feel good that they have respect for life. Even the life of a bitty bug is cherished and dear to them. I am so very proud of my little girls!!


Petra said...

What a very nice story, Gabi! And you did a nice job with the photo's in between (still wondering how you do that; have not got a clue neither the time to find out).
I have never seen an animal like that; guess they do not live here, do they?
Thanks for sharing!

Loreluca said...

Such an awsomely well told story! The pictures are just the frosting on the cake, I must say! And I CAN'T BELIEVE your daughters don't freak out!!!! I'D BE SCREAMING!!! I am such a girly girl, and so is my Coco...
I love your bug-ologists, though!

Anonymous said...

I myself wouldn't be bugging out. Pun intended. However, my son would be screaming. Although he's twelve, he's never been a bug kinda guy. He's not fond of lizards, reptiles, bugs, rodents or much anything of that nature. I'm with him on the bugs and rodents. I'm fine with lizards and reptiles. Some bugs are okay.

DEW said...

Your girls are wonderful in many, many ways!! They obviously take after their Mum! Wow - where do I start with you blog? I leave town for a bit and I'm like 6 posts behind!! Well, something to definitely to look forward to cozying up to once I've plowed with all the work waiting for me! I always loved praying mantis but living in the city didn't get to see many of them!!

Great post - I need to cruise your other ones! And thanks for the all the great comments!! They are very much appreciated!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

What a sweet story! That is so cool that she has found something that she shines in. It must have made her feel so warm when you went back and it was still there. Cool! Now, me? That bug was a bit too big for my liking. Yikes.

Scrappytbear said...

OMG I just cannot get over a bug THAT BIG! We have nothing like that here! LOL It's awesome tho! She's so very brave and isnt it awesome that you had the camera!

Hanna said...

Yes, you should be proud of your girls - and yourself. I think many moms would've screamed. I know I wouldn't be so brave as your girls! :-)

Samhains said...

Thats one big ass mantis! I love the fact that your kids will hold it with out fear, I have worked hard on showing my kids animals and insects. They too have little to no fear of most animals..

Good story G.F.G

Salix Tree said...

What a lovely story! And it's wonderful that the girls were so caring about the mantis. They will surely appreciate nature during thier lives, with the respect and caring it deserves.
I love most insects myself. Hey, have you ever been to an insect zoo? A fun place, if you ever come across one!

Lissa said...

Gabz, you know how I feel about this since we talked already, but I'm so happy that the girls have you to help their curiosity continue, their sense of preservation and kindness to all living creatures develop. You rock as a momma you know...

Hugs to the girls too for being such wonderful, curious and delightful little girls.


Tracie said...

Fabulous! I think it's WONDERFUL that your girls, Mackie especially, love BUGS! You sure don't hear about GIRLS liking bugs hardly ever! What a great experience they got, great education, they are learning and you just never know, you little girl could be the next buggy-ologist! LOLOL!!!

Every year we get a Katydid that shows up on our back screen, I have pictures of her/him somewhere, and I wish I had blogged it although I didn't take pictures this year, it was last year). It's so cool to see nature and bugs that you don't get to see every day (we had to look up the Katydid because we had NO CLUE what it was)! I have seen praying mantises a few times in my life (and ironically on the side of a building at the local convient store, what gives?!)

Can't wait to see the LO for this! You BETTER post it g/f!!! :)

kerrip said...

This is a wonderful story and the pictures are amazing. I love the concentrated look on your daughters' faces. I used to love bugs as a child, but I must admit I'm not so fond of them now. Too many creepy bug-like movies, I think. I respect that they have a purpose, as long as it's not walking on ME!!