Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fort Mifflin, PA

Today was a gorgeous, Spring day. We drove out to Fort Mifflin. We are World War 2 living historians and this event was “Operation Thunderbolt”
"THE ASSAULT ON FORT DRIANT: On the morning of September 27, 1944, the skies cleared, and Operation Thunderbolt began! Fighter bombers dropped 1,000-pound bombs and napalm on the fort, but with negligible results. Many additional bombers followed dropping high explosive bombs on the trenches and bunkers, and strafing the defenders. These efforts failed to damage Fort Driant, and the assault troops attempted to do what the Allied planes couldn’t….take Fort Driant."
Fort Mifflin is an old military fort from the mid 1700s. It's very well preserved and what wasn't preserved is restored beautifully. There are lots of barracks, storage holds and some really cool amunitions buildings there which are 'buried' under the earth (under a mound). It's a walled fort which means that it's completely enclosed by a wall. It's awesome as you can walk on this grassy wall-top and watch the events from above.
My husband is a medic for the 101st Airborne Reenactment Group and his group was there today fighting a battle against the German troops.
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I forgot my camera today and had to resort to using my cell phone's camera. As you can see, not the best quality but it isn't the worst either.
He set up his 'aid station' and took care of midly 'wounded' soldiers. There was also a really neat field hospital set up in one of the buildings but the light in there was so bad that my camera only captured darkness. *sigh* Needless to say, no photos of that. It was actually very accurate because during the war, they did set up aid stations and field hospitals anywhere they could. One of those buildings just may have been used for something like that if the need had arisen.
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It was a pretty loud day with Carbine's being fired, machine guns, larger artillery and grenades galore. Everything was blanks, but those sounds are almost identical to live amunition so it gave a good sense as to the accurate sounds that you may have heard, had you really been within ear shot of a field battle during WW2.
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My 2 girls are 'war orphans' so they are very used to the noise and the commotion on the 'battle field' they call all the soldiers, "daddy's guys" and they love the Axis troops as much as the Allies. To them, they are all friends. I didn't dress up the girls today. Neither of them was in the mood and they knew that my inlaws would be there to watch as well so I left them in thier girly, modern clothing and let them be. They are usually a part of our 'display' ( I am a homefront reenactor and do a Nursing impression as well) The girls usually wear 1940's clothes and we have a good amount of reproduction and also 1940's period toys.
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The next big WW2 Reenactment event is at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum at Reading Airport in Reading, PA June 2nd -4th and is AWESOME! Check out the website, it's too much for me to explain. I can tell you it's WORTH the trip!! There will be air shows of vintage aircraft, WW2 Veteran Speakers, celebritites, and FULL immersion into 1944 WW2. There will be a Big Band dance, French Village, full set up of Axis and Allies troops, vehicles, military flea market, USO style entertainment a 1940's department store, full set up of field hospital, Axis and Allies encampments and SO MUCH MORE! I can't WAIT!!!


Awesome Abby said...

Looks like a great day..i know you are in your element at these events....hope you had the best time ever!

Tracie said...


I Looove when you share this part of your lives with us! This is so very neat and I wish we lived closer to things like this. I would so love to travel to see these re-enactments but it's so hard with DH's schedule (he has to pick his vacations in Oct. for the following year)!!!

Thanks for always sharing and your pictures actually rock sistah! Nice cam on that phone!!!! :)

hanne said...

Hi - I try to reach you this way round as I can´t enter by mail (Accidentally I lost your direct adress when I deleted some other mail...)
Anyway, you asked at my blog if it is possible to get hold of Jan Guillou in English. I checked it out. It is translated into "The Knight Templar (Crusades Triology). My girls (14+16) like it too and understand most I think.
Best wishes!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

You are one unique gal! I am staying in contact with you for sure, so when Lucas has to write a history paper, I will just email you! I think it's hilarious that your girls just hang out during all this. Makes me giggle.