Monday, May 22, 2006

Jumping Towards Summer

Being on the weight-loss wagon, I’ve learned a lot about what things I can eat and which foods completely screw with me. Unfortunately the ones that screw with me the most are the ones I happen to LIKE the most. Ahh... there’s ‘ol Murphy’s law once again. I have been on the Nutrisystem weight-loss diet for about 9 months now. I’ve lost 26 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much for almost a YEAR, but for me, it;s great. It’s 26 pounds that have STAYED OFF. I’ve
tried other ways but this one works for me. The weight comes off slower, my body adjusted to it slower and it’s steady. I don’t, particularly, LIKE the food very much,although the lunch fettucini alfredo and the dinner Chicken Piazzaiola are decent. When I had been able to go to “Curves” it was an even better thing but I haven’t been able to go for about a month and I really do miss it. The exercise is a drug for me. It gets my mood up, wakes me up and gets me motivated. I bought this nifty little personal-sized trampoline by Urban Rebounder that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!
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It's such a fun and entertaining way to exercise. I even bought the kids video and my girls will have a blast with it too! It comes with that bar that you can hold onto for stability which will be great for the girls. It has a great bounce to it and it could catapult a person pretty far!
I highly recommend it. It's such a fun way to exercise and the time, while on it, goes by so quickly too because it's FUN!


Tracie said...

Gabz now that's quite an accomplishment losing 26 lbs sister!!! Nothing to sneeze at... I'm on the track too, and like you, I prefer the foods that I love which, of course, are NO GOOD for me!! But I am not on a strict diet like you are (tried em and I get bored too easily).

I have lost almost 10 lbs, depends on the day! LOL. I go to a circuit workout place just like Curves only it's called "Go Figure". (cute huh?!) Ooh, been doing this since NOVEMBER!!!

Anyway, be PROUD of that accomplishment my friend because I'm sure proud of you!!! :-) Keep up the good work, it will pay off for you!!!!!


Petra said...

Wow, Gabi! You are doing great! I am proud and jealous at the same time since I am way behind with my 17.5 pounds...
I just love my Nordic Walking and try to do as much as I can by bike...'cause after all I am Dutch!
I hope you keep motivated and I wish I could try out your trampoline once ;-) What is your goal?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow! good for you girlfriend! I actually used to teach a rebound class years ago. I love those things. I would be afraid to have one here. Boys and a rebounder? Not safe, not safe at all.

Anonymous said...

Gabi, do not belittle your 26 lb. accomplishment! Any weight that comes off and stays off is great! I'm almost at 15 lbs now in two months! I find out tomorrow where I really am. I tend to stay off of the scale until my Wednesday check-in. I too love Curves. I've been going four times per week, doing 30 minutes of cardio only two days a week and then swimming right after the cardio, which, I guess is really cardio as well. Keep up the good work babe!

Skraphappy said...

Good for you, Gabz!!
I can't wait to see the new you in September.