Monday, May 29, 2006

Observing Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day Weekend! To most, this is the official start of the Summer season. It's a time of bar-b-ques, picnics and opening the pool for summer.
Do you know the real story behind Memorial Day? I do, and I would like to share it with you.

"...gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime....let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude,--the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan." --General John Logan, General Order No. 11, 5 May 1868

The "Memorial" in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember our ancestors, our family members, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifice:

* by visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes.

* by visiting memorials.

* by flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon.

* by flying the 'POW/MIA Flag' as well (Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act).

* by participating in a "National Moment of Remembrance": at 3 p.m. to pause and think upon the true meaning of the day, and for Taps to be played.

* by renewing a pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our falled dead, and to aid the disabled veterans.

For more history and information about Memorial Day, you can find a good amount of information on the website of the US Department of Veteran's Affairs

I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend, and don't forget to remember those fallen heroes!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Gabi!

JanTGrits said...

Thanks Gabi! Good to find your blog!

JanTGrits said...

OMG Gabi, thanks for the hint! Don't know where else to post this!

firstborn said...

hear, hear!

:) mary ann

Loreluca said...

Wow, Gab! Such a young woman, such a patriotic heart! It's nice to see that for a change! And thatnks for that tip, it never even occurred to me that this day can be celebrated in such a beautiful way. I sure will remember next year! My kids will love it, too!

Tracie said...

Thanks Gabi for sharing with us the true meaning behind Memorial Day. We did fly our flag at half-staff - we have our flag flying in our yard everyday (and no, we don't forget to put a spotlight on it at night!!!)

Petra said...

Now I know something more about it, Gabi! For all those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom, we have May 4th. First it was only for the WWII victims but sadly there are losses to be grieved after that. So at May 4th we think about them and at May5th we celebrate our freedom! Thanks for sharing!