Friday, May 05, 2006

My little orange index card book is mocking me.....

Have you ever purchased something with full intent to USE it but you like it so much that you seem to hoard it and look at it rather than use it for it's purpose?? I have. I did. It's a little orange index card file book from Target. Cloth cover and has a little screw in the corner. All the indes cards 'fan' out like a hand of cards. I simply CANNOT use it. I want to. I bought it for a reason, to write little things down that I may forget during the day. Things like things my kids say, journaling ideas, layout ideas, sayings, titles, notes, lists, and just stuff in general. It's a perfect size, it's a perfect colour ( anything orange is MY COLOUR!) And it's a perfect form, shape and style for ME. I have had it for a month or so now, and it sits here, mocking me; daring me to use it. I want to take that dare and RUN with it but if I use it, it'll be...well... used. I used to do this with notebooks as a kid. I am a writer. I write every single day. Notebooks were and still are a major deal to me. This little orange index card file is mocking me. I WILL use it ( after I buy another one to keep and look at in perfect, unused condition!)
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Colleen said...

i do this all the time!!!

hey, you have a jack russell too! mine is named maggie.

Petra said...

I know what you mean, Gabi! I just love all kind of office supplies but can go nuts on notebooks! I have found the perfect one; spiral binded, landscaped lines and I did not only buy one but about 5!

Vee said...

I do that too Gabi!!
I have some Basic Grey that I can't being myself to use yet
I also got somethings from Target that I haven't altered yet
I need to get busy

Going For Greatness said...

yep this is the little orange fabric covered index-card book from Target ;) LOL I love it!! Can't stand to use it! HAHAHAH!!!

Awesome Abby said...

I definately need to see share a pic, please! :) You know I am your orange-loving sista! :)

Going For Greatness said...

Ack! I can't find a good pic! I'll take one with my Cell phone and upload it!