Friday, May 12, 2006

Look out! There's a ROBOT in my STUDIO!

What an interesting topic for Studio Friday this week! It's almost as if Tine has stepped into the doorway of my studio and and seen my back wall book shelves!!
My husband and I are antique toy collectors and it just so happens that I actually DO have a ROBOT IN MY STUDIO!

(I tried to get a decent photo but I had to resort to grabbing one from E-Bay.) This is the same exact one we have here.
When I sat and read the topic for today, it got me thinking. What if this little Robot was a BIG Robot? What if it was a working robot? What use could it be in my studio? Hmm.. my mind immediately began to go wild! I could immediately think of 10 great uses :

1. It could sit at my diecutter table and cut Quickutz alphabets for me.
2. It could sit and do the tedious gluing of all those intricate diecuts and paper piecings.
3. It could scavenge through my various bins of scrap papers looking for that ONE piece of scrap paper that I KNOW is in there..... just don't know WHICH BIN it's in!
4. I'd keep it busy by tidying up my closets.
5. I'm sure it'd be right at home cleaning and putting away my rubber stamps ;)
6. Taking out my ever-full waste paperbaskets would be another chore for it!
7. I'd have it organizing my photographs so that I could find the ones I need in a flash.
8. It would be right at home, plugged into the PC upgrading and updating my software and finding me the latest and greatest fonts
9. "Robot? Would you be a dear and grab me a diet Pepsi with Lime from the fridge?"
10. I would put it to use and get it in high gear for packing my scraproom in a nice, neat, organized manner because lord knows, I sure as heck can't do it myself!!!!
So, as I sit here and look at this little 12 inch tall Robot, I daydream of all the things I wish it COULD do and it motivates me to get myself in gear to get something BIG accomplished today!


firstborn said...

how cool gabi!

awesome topic for you!!!!

:) mary ann

Ellen said...

Cool robot! Reminds me of the toys from my childhood when robots were the fantasy of the future. This topic was a perfect one for you!

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh! Is he Will Robinson's robot? From Lost in Space? I remember watching that show. Sooo cool. :)

Tracie said...

Gabz your Robot is cool! My boys would love to get their little boy hands on that one!!

What a fun exploration on your robot..... :)

sharla said...

Cool Robot! I wouldn't mind a big one either!

LB said...

Your robot's a cutie!

Lisa said...

Fabulous! I remember all the sci-fi pics from Saturday afternoons with robots like that. Except of course they were taking over the world, not organizing closets :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! How fun that you and husband BOTH collect them. Great job on this weeks theme.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

great interepretation of this weeks topic

Anonymous said...

Jill ( I see it) said...Cool toy! Love your ideas for using your robot!

Abbie said...

Ohh.. he's excellent! Love him!
:) abbie

susan said...

I want one too! And I love your to-do list! Thanks for the comments on my blog!