Friday, May 19, 2006

{Studio Friday}

This week's topic is "Contrast". It was suggested by Laura.
"...something about contrast, or juxtaposition. it could mean something concrete, like a contrast in colors, textures, or lines. . .or something more symbolic."
This one made me think. What in my scrap studio has really good contrast?
My doorway.
When I walk through the door into my scraproom I leave behind me anything that isn't related to my craft. My doorway may as well be a blackhole to another dimention. In my scraproom I can leave the world behind me. I can go in and drink in all the colours & textures around me. It can be a rainy, stormy day outside but in my studio I can choose to scrapbook photos of sunny days at the beach or big bright flowers.


Tracie said...

Nice! I like your analogy!! And thanks for the kind compliments on mine friend!!!


Nik Just Nik said...

WOO HOO!!!! I found Gabi's blog. Hey Babes. Been missing ya.

firstborn said...

i with you on this one gabi!

Ellen said...

I agree that the contrast between "in the studio" and "the rest of the world" is incredible.

Lisa said...

Oh Gabi, I wish I had the space to have a magic door! My craft spills right off the sewing table and onto the couch...oops.

Petra said...

Now I know what my problem is! My attic does not have a doorway! All the rest of the universe can freely go in and out....If (when) I am moving that will be something that is going to be solved!
Is there not nothing better than you and the scrapbookstuff?!