Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Showers........

Yeah.. April SNOW showers. Last week was a week of warmer days, 2 of which were in the upper 70s. There's nothing like being lulled into a false sense of security. I thought that Spring had finally arrived! Boy was I WRONG! It's cold out there! The wind is whirling it too quickly to get a good picture.
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Oh well, so much for going to the mall!
I still want to go out. I am going to head to the mall anyway... I know that 10,000 other people will do the same but atleast the girls will get to walk around a little and use up some of their energy!


Anonymous said...

You've got snow; we've got rain ... and LOTS of it! I'm sick of rain ... sick I say! It smells wonderfully crisp outside but I am SICK OF RAIN. It's been raining straight for like 24 hours. Pouring at times. - Jaq

Tracie said...

We just have awesome weather, then crappy weather - we are an ever-changing climate anymore!!!