Thursday, April 27, 2006


It sure is a good thing that a child's cute factor over-rides the 'evil factor'. If it wasn't for that 'cute factor', surely the population wouldn't be booming as it is! My younger spawn has decided that she runs the place. She's got an attitude the size of Texas and it seems to grow with her. I have no idea where this attitude comes from. I suppose it's that 'terrible 2's' that everyone talks about. She doesn't miss an opportunity to misbehave. If the opportunity arises, she jumps the bandwagon and is riding high. For example: My 4 year old left the room, leaving her precious lion behind. It's her favourite thing and the spawn knows it. What does she do? She waits until her sister is out of sight and she grabs the lion and goes after her making SURE she knows that she has it. Then she runs giggling whilst her sister is screaming in anguish because she has her precious lion.
Ahh.. just sibling stuff right? One would think; and I surely hope that this kind of stuff stops as they get older though I think that the 2 year old will continue with her mischief until she's 90 years old. She sasses me, her father and anyone else who happens across her path. This is an ugly age, to say the least. I find that the only time I have any peace in my life is when the spawn sleeps. She's very confident and knows exactly what she wants. She just doesn't go about it the right way. She'd rather go, full steam ahead, and bulldoze her way through. She doesn't have even one ounce of patience. I guess that's why I have so much patience. I need to make up for her lack of patience.
It's true... the cute factor is the only thing that keeps her on the planet!


Petra said...

I went to my work this morning with my breakfast and my make-up in my bag...just glad I could leave ;-) Maybe it is that she just skipped the terrible-2 phase that she is like this at almost 7? I guess that a lot of patients does help, tuck them into bed at the right time, forgiveness and humor and getting your own rest! Oh, do not underestimate the emotions they pick up at home. After all, she is to young to understand the job and moving story but she probably catches the stress from the air.
Good luck and keep talking about it. I have very good ears for that!


Petra said...

I mean PATIENCE...sorry!

Anonymous said...

Gabi, fortunately I never had that problem with either of my children. The worse either of them did was cry when tired. Today at 12 and 8 they are still fantastic kids. Thank God because patience, in that aspect, wouldn't be my virtue!

Tracie said...

After reading Jacquie's comment makes me think that perhaps (and just perhaps) if the spawns are the same sex, creates alittle rivilary!

I can totally relate to you 110%!! As you know, having TWO BOYS, this kind of activity is NORMAL to me. It's as if they are competing either against each other, or perhaps for our attention.

My cousin's first 2 children are both girls, and they fight constantly. Let it be a challenge for those that have 1 of each to know what it is we struggle with on a daily basis!

And to think...I thought mine were not normal!!!! :-)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Oh, I love this. You need to use this as journaling for a layout.