Monday, April 17, 2006

A Cat doing a 'Drive-By'

We laughed SO hard! OMG, we get eachother started and everything is just SO FUNNY! Yesterday, the brunt of the joke was the cat. She has this way of looking at you from underneath her eyebrows, she looks like an evil spawn. I swear she's evil but Mindy swears it's just her look. I dunno what started it all but we were standing outside, imagining the evil the cat could unleash into the world. Bryan started with the visual of her standing up on her back legs, 2 9mm guns and letting 'em rip! Take in mind, this is a REALLY small cat. She's about 2 - 3 pounds.
Image hosting by Photobucket She's TINY ( don't let that fool you! she's EVIL!) Ok so we've established that the cat is, indeed , LITTLE. Thus, enters the story a BARBIE CAR! So next, imagine this evil looking cat doing a 'drive-by' in her stylish Barbie car, yet again, equiped with her stash of weapons!
We were out on the front porch and looked up to see her glaring at us from a bedroom window. Talk about CREEPY? I guess you just had to be there. Matt, Bryan and I and even Aunt Donna were cracking up! We just have this chemistry and every single time we're in the same room we erupt in uncontrollable laughter. We make everyone laugh.
Most of it's just spontaneous and it can't be written down, it doesn't translate. Too bad, because it was really friggin hysterical!!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Sounds like my sister and I. She will start with some make believe senario. When she was here and we were driving to the beach there were tons of logging trucks. She just starts with this whole thing about "What if Jim (my husband) was a truck driver?" "you'd have this big truck parked on your street, you would pack his cooler for a long haul, you would wave good bye on the porch as the big truck rumbled off"
We were laughing SO hard, I had to pull over. Another one of those had to be there moments.
Oh and for the saying "For crying in a bucket" How about "Things are strung from Hell to Breakfast"
That's for when something is really messy and you can't find something.

Tracie said...

I think it's hilarious about the whole cat thing...I've had cats just about my whole life and I know how they are!! They are something for sure, what I don't rightly know...evil perhaps as you say!!!

Love that you can laugh and have that chemistry with your family. My mom and her sisters of 6, whenever they get together are always in some sort of uproar that you have to look on in utter amazement! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cats are strange and intriguing creatures. I've always had them; always loved them and always feared them all at the same time! - Jacquie