Friday, April 21, 2006

Sparkle, Shine or Shimmer - {Studio Friday}

I have found that things that sparkle, shine or shimmer bring great personality to my studio. I love sparkling clean windows, stained glass and mirrors. My mom made this for me. It's made from an antique window frame. She painted it with a base coat and then a coat of crackle paint. She added the ivy (My favourite!) and Voi-la! It hangs in my studio giving me another window. Mirrors and windows give such a nice, open feeling!
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As you can see, I have used it to hold a piece of my daughter's art work ;)
And it also shows, in the middle pane, that I forgot a Halloween decortaion when I put them all away......!
Have a sparkly, shiny day!


Laura said...

how very cheerful and pretty! happy studio friday!!

tiffinix said...

Wonderful - and you are so right about mirrors and windows! They are the most sparkling - shimmery part of any studio.

Vee said...

this is awesome Gabi
i love the hanprints in the window!

Sarah said...

How fun! I also love reflective surfaces, especially decorative mirrors!

Awesome Abby said...

well, i can't see the decoration, but since i know that h'ween is you fave....maybe it just belongs there! :)

Joy Eliz said...

Oh wow! that is gorgeous!!!
very it!

firstborn said...

hi gabi!

love your "window" :)

and i so appreciate your comments in my blog, espsecially about knowing my pain!

and thanks also for taking my really helps me choose!

take care, mary ann :)

Lisa Marie said...

What a great window! I have no windows here in my basement studio...maybe I should add a mirror to make up for it!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

shouldn't that be packed by now?

Anonymous said...

Very nice Gabbers.

justjohanna said...

it does add space! i love the little peek the mirror view gives us, too. my mom has a similar mirror she had made from an old window also.

Hanna said...

It's a beatuiful piece of art that window frame. I love mirrors too, lots of mirrorsr everywhere around here! :-)

sparkly on!

ps: like your post below too, about your children: i'm the same, but I don't have children of my own to stare at.

madretz said...

Such a beautiful heriloom from your mother. Her sparkling personality shines through as well.