Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend joy rides

We love to drive around various places on the weeekends looking for flea markets, garage sales and new places to visit on the weekends. We usually head out in the morning and go grab Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and then point the car in a direction and drive. Usually it's westward into Pennsylvania. We LOVE going to Adamstown, PA (3 hours away though! ) to the antique markets. The area out there is so unspoiled and rural! I love the Amish farmsteads, the produce markets and of course, the flea markets ;)
Yesterday we drove around a little south west of Philadelphia and checked out a completely new area to us. We may be moving to that area in the not too distant future so it was nice to go there to see the old familiars; Wal*Mart, Target, Toys R US, Starbucks, Borders, McDonalds and various Pizza places and good markets. It was comforting to find the same things we have here. I didn't, however, find ANY CRAFT OR SCRAPBOOK STORES!!! I will have to look closer next time and also grab a phone book. How can it be that there is no MICHAELS? HOBBY LOBBY? AC MOORE? OR SCRAPBOOKING STORE!?!?
Today we're going to meet my mom at the Warrenville flea market and then to have lunch with her. Haven't seen her in a few weeks and today is supposed to be really nice so what better time? The sun is shining and it's supposed to be in the mid-60s!


Petra said...

Maybe you can set up your own LSS?! Just kidding; there must be something around!
With the gass prizes in the Netherlands no-one drives around anymore just for sheer fun. And in 3 hours we will be out of the country; we would need our passports for a daytrip ;-)
No news on the new job yet?

Anonymous said...

No LSS? How could they? What are they thinking? Sounds like a good time Gabi. - Jaq

Vee said... LSS!! That is crazy. Seems like you had a full w/e. I hope you had a wonderful time. ***HUGS**

Tracie said...

Oh good gracious! Surely you jest! (or joust...which you probably would do)!! ahahahahaha.....

I'm sure they are just off the beaten path; I mean NO SCRAPBOOKING STORES??? Simply unheard of!!!