Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby Turtles!

I have had 2 turtles for more than 11 years. They are great pets! My 12 year old turtle LOVES to be hand fed. She's learned to beg when she sees people. It's very cute. My younger one is a bit shy, but he's got his moments. He's a goofball. When he gets startled he freaks out and jumps off his rock and digs to get under it. He's a chicken!
My 2 little girls love them too so I decided to get them their own turtles. My older daughter named her turtle "Lily" and my little one hasn't named hers yet. We'll see as she gets a bit older what she calls her! See how little they are?
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The larger of the 2 is "Lily"
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They are so CUTE, I just had to share!
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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I had a turtle when I was little! He kept crawling out and getting in the sink. ????
I haven't bought one for Lucas yet. We have those damn Sea Monkey's right now and a small ant farm. The Sea Monkeys are gross and the ants keep dying. I feel really bad for them. I think I will see if Lucas will set the last few free. The Sea Monkeys? I think they are going to take a long swim down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

I know lots of ppl that are jumping on the turtle bandwagon...I won't be one of them! Sorry Gabz, with two cats and two dogs and two kids; who has time for turtles.


Vee said...

they are so cute Gabi!!
very green
love their color
how big are they going to get?

Tracie said...

aaaaaaw!!! Too cute!! And wowsa are they TEENIE!!!!

How big are they going to get? I heard those small turtles are not good for kids...not sure which ones but my mom had told me (I'm sure that's not what you have, I don't think you can purchase them here)!!!

Anyway, with 2 boys, I'm sure we're bound to have some sort of reptilian pet one day!!!!

Lady Swan said...


I also had two turtles when I was a kid, Speedy and Slowpoke. I loved them, but was a bit lazy about caring for them, or maybe just too young to know any better. One escaped from their habitat in the livingroom and we found him DECADES later (not living, of course. I will spare you the gory details (but if you REALLY want to know I'll tell you later in YM, as I don't want your other friends on here to think you have a TOTAL freak of a best friend..MUHAHAHA!).

Awesome Abby said...

OK, where did you get these, and where are yours that are so old? I wanna see them! We have one, too, and it is about as big prolly as your bigger one in the pic. It was about the size of a nickle when we got it. Also...how do you tell if they are boys or girls?

Awesome Abby said...

ps..what's the wedding thing that started with a k that you said you couldn't get rid of? LOL...