Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Morning Rain

There's something about rain on a Sunday morning that gives me permission to enjoy a lazy day. For me, Sunday is usually the prep-day for the week. It's the day that I run around, frantically trying to be sure I'm ready for Monday. Do we have enough groceries? Do the dogs have enough food? What are the kids wearing tomorrow? Did we finish the bills to mail them off on Monday? While usually being hectic, the rain somehow gives me a sense of calmness. Rainy, overcast days also are huge inspiration days for me. For some reason, I LOVE being in my studio on a rainy day more than any other. I think it's because I feel cozy and content being inside knowing that outside it's wet and windy.
I know today will be a solid creating day. My girls will play along side of me with their play doh, toys and crayons. We'll act silly, dance, goof off, be together, and just be creative. I am sure there's going to be some cupcake making going on too!!
Enjoy your Sunday, whether it be rainy or the perfect Spring day!
Here's a bit of sunshine on a rainy day. This is my 4 year old trying to jump rope for the very 1st time.
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firstborn said...

hi gabi!

thanks so much for your kind words and moral support!!! i really appreciate your feedback more than you will ever know!

precious photos of your daughter...looks so green there!

of course, i will keep you posted on the contest outcome...

i went to visit your gallery, but i wasn't able to click on your work to see larger images...but it all looks so cool! you go girl!!!!

lately i haven't been scrapping as much as i would like...i've been kinda consumed by card making and stamping projects, along with gardening projects...but one day i will finish my wedding pages (& it's been 4 years!!!)...

do you know about creative express? they have cool scrap items AND they have monthly layout contests...i bet you could enter yours!!!!! they are at thought you'd find that fun...

enjoy your sunday and have a good week! always like to see what you been up to! keep the words coming!

:) mary ann

Awesome Abby said...

Hope your day was as good as you anticipated, friend! I slept a lot, walked some, and am planning what to fix for dinner. No scrapping, yet, at least...but I might get there. :)

Tracie said...

Great day! I spent mine getting back to my daily life as we know it after vacation! Maybe I'll blog it later!!!

Cute pics of M'Kayla!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Gabz. I love your perspective as usual and I couldn't agree more. Well, on a rainy day, I do actually love to read too!

Jen said...

Hope your sunday was as wonderful as you hope it would be! I was also feeling pretty creative yesterday and It got 3 double layouts done! I was pretty proud of myself... it's for a swap so I'm super critical on myself!